Teachers Tools

  • Finally, Class Management Tools that Teachers Love to Use

    Teacher tools allow teachers to build blended learning environments and educational spaces with easy-to-use technologies. By eliminating technical barriers, teachers can effectively manage assignments, design lesson plans and reach out to parents without IT help.

  • Teachers Page Templates

    Choose from an extensive library of templates and make it your own with intuitive content management tools.

  • Homework Dropbox

    No more “the dog ate my homework” excuses! Dropbox helps teachers save time and monitor homework completion.

  • Lesson Planner

    Create and organize customized coursework with SharpSchool’s SCORM compliant solutions.

  • Assessment Tool

    Create online quizzes and have the result entered into gradebook automatically.

  • Rubric Builder

    Create custom rubrics according to state standards that can be tied back to existing lesson plans in the system.

  • Gradebook

    Easily grade and track student progress using multiple measures of student achievement.