Social Learning Management System

SharpSchool’s Social Learning Management System (SLMS) is innovating day-to-day interaction between teachers and students to improve educational outcomes. Whether sharing news, submitting grades or having group or one to one discussion, it can all be done on any device and anywhere.

By offering an entire classroom’s worth of knowledge and interaction at your fingertips, SharpSchool's SLMS seamlessly combines work, home, school and fun.

SharpSchool's Social Learning Management System (SLMS) provides:

  • Classroom-like Interaction

    Communication among teachers and students could not be easier through a Facebook-like communication environment, whether setting up a group project chat or asking for support.

  • Class-only Newsfeed

    With SharpSchool’s Newsfeed feature, teachers can connect to students like never before, sharing assignments and teaching resources.

  • Personalized User-Specific Portals

    User-specific secured portals for students, teachers and even parents to stay informed at all times.

  • Messaging and Alerts

    Teachers and students can send instant messages to another user or the entire classroom.

  • Online Homework Submission

    No more “the dog ate my homework” excuses! Dropbox helps teachers save time and monitor homework completion.

  • Online Quizzes

    Create online tests and quizzes and have the result entered into gradebook automatically.

  • Gradebook

    Easily grade and track student progress using multiple measures of student achievement.

  • Surveys and Polls

    Gather feedback with district-wide surveys or conduct quick classroom polls to engage your students.

  • Document Container

    Share, publish and download documents and resources online in real-time.

  • Academic Security

    With admin control to filter inappropriate posts, teachers can maintain a friendly class online.

  • Integration with Third-Party Apps

    Easy integration with Student Information Systems (SIS), Student Interoperability Framework (SIF), Google Apps, Office 365 and Active Directory.