Human Monitoring System

An Added Line of Defense To Your School Safety Grid

It can be very difficult for administrators to monitor hundreds of separate email addresses, let alone reviewing the content of hundreds of thousands of flagged emails. Add to this the fact that email communication is increasingly being used by students to articulate suicidal intentions, threats, insults, bullying, and illegal behavior, the monitoring of email communications becomes more important than ever before.

SharpSchool’s Human Monitoring System is a new security feature designed to better meet the needs of our customers. By removing the burden of reviewing flagged content from your district and offloading this responsibility to SharpSchool’s dedicated team of specialists, the parents and administrators’ can rest easy knowing that their students’ emails are safe and secure.

To meet this challenge dedicated specialists at SharpSchool will review any flagged content and forward relevant information to your district. If a message is flagged by our automated filters, a SharpSchool staff member will review the email’s contents and, if the message is found to be of concern, our staff will contact the district by email or phone depending on the classified urgency of the situation. Our Human Monitoring staff operates during the day with nightly messages being reviewed the next morning.

How our HMS works

How the SharpSchool Human Monitoring System works

Why do you need SharpSchool's Human Monitoring System?

  • Bring awareness to hidden student situations
  • Improve student safety
  • Off-load internal resource requirements
  • Address urgent student situations in a timely manner
  • Save lives!

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