Parent Portals

Parental involvement has never been easier! SharpSchool’s Parent Portals maximize students’ opportunities for success by enabling open communication and collaboration between parents and teachers.

  • Individualized Parent Portals

    SharpSchool’s interface supports a streamlined distribution of parents’ accounts, provisioning a separate account for each parent/guardian.

  • Removes Communication Barriers

    SharpSchool’s Parent Portals ensure everyone stays connected by providing parents/guardians with their own online portals that lets them see all their most important information at a glance.

  • Classroom Information at a Glance

    With a few clicks, quickly access vital classroom information:

    • Attendance Records
    • Grades
    • Homework
    • Curriculum and Assessments
    • Announcements and Notifications
    • And, so much more
  • All of Your Kids in One Portal

    More than one child within the District? No problem. SharpSchool’s Parent Portals consolidate all your children’s information into one central location.

  • Parent Groups

    Create your own Facebook-like online community complete with user profiles, comments, events and discussion pages.

  • Cross Device Compatibility

    Parents can access SharpSchool’s platform across mobile devices. Whether on the go or sitting at a computer, all of SharpSchool’s features and functionality are there for you.

  • Mobile School Websites for Parents

    Parental access over smartphones, tablets and iPads is simple. It’s never been easier to keep tabs on their childrens’ progress no matter how busy their day! Parent sites allow parents to:

    • Check upcoming assignments
    • View upcoming tests and assessments
    • Receive attendance and grade alerts
    • See student’s grades for assignments
    • Follow school news and events
    • Find out when the next big game or show is going to be!
    • Find out about new programs and fundraising activities