Built by educational professionals, SmarterGrade is an all-in-one gradebook solution that provides users with an easy-to-use gradebook, all-in-one student information management tool and an easy-to-use interface.

  • With SmarterGrade’s intuitive tools, managing your classes’ assignments, assessments and student information has never been so easy!
  • With a few clicks, GradeWizard will set up a solution that gives you the freedom to access information safely anywhere and any time.
  • SmarterGrade is made for teachers, because it’s made by teachers.

Why teachers love Gradebook:

  • GradeWizard

    GradeWizard helps you locate your school and set up your classes with the click of a button.

  • All-In-One

    Forget about multiple accounts, user names and passwords! With SmarterGrade teachers can manage all of their classes using one account.

  • School Search

    With SmarterGrade's School Search feature, teachers can access a list of schools from across North America or enter their school’s details directly into SmarterGrade.

  • Intuitive Gradebook

    With features including grade scales, grade weighting, assignment and assessment pages, SmarterGrade will make you wonder why anyone would choose anything else!

  • Secure and Accessible

    SmarterGrade uses industry leading security features to provide the best protection for your information.

  • Supportive

    SmarterGrade makes importing student information easy! SmarterGrade even lets teachers choose their data source, whether SIF, CSV or XML.

  • Anytime, Anywhere

    Who needs paper records? SmarterGrade allows teachers to access information anytime and anywhere! Need to make a change? It is as easy as logging in to your online gradebook.

SharpSchool now takes SmarterGrade one step further, offering a new version that is fully integrated within the SharpSchool interface.

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