SharpSchool launches The Sharpener – our new weekly blog!

SharpSchool launches The Sharpener
Posted on 01/01/2013
SharpSchool launches The Sharpener

As SharpSchool’s position in the K-12 sector increases, our awareness of the unique opportunities, challenges and stories in the sector increases as well. That is why SharpSchool began the 2012-2013 school year by launching The Sharpener, our brand’s new blog that covers all things K-12!

The Sharpener will:

  • Highlight important announcements for K-12 districts, schools and staff
  • Compile and link to engaging, relevant EdTech and K-12 articles from various online communities.
  • Offer unique picks and reviews for products that are great for the K-12 sector
  • Share fun content!
  • Visit The Sharpener’s webpage to start reading right away! Also, we encourage SharpSchool community members to follow SharpSchool on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to get fast access to new articles from The Sharpener throughout the week.