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Stunning Design
  • Our competitor’s “Platinum” package is our Standard package.
  • No charge for minor changes.
  • Dedicated designer for each client.
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Easy to Use CMS

Your staff will love the ease of use with:

  • State-of-the-art Inline Authoring Experience
  • Robust Drag and Drop Capabilities
  • No Back-end Administration Interface for Authoring Users
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Comparing the amount of time to update
a series of webpages with different layouts.

Best Value

No extra fees, no surprises.

SharpSchool will always give you the best value for your budget with all the tools and services you need in one complete and affordable package.

Extensive Functionality with 40+ Modules

SharpSchool offers over 40 modules for all your technology needs, and it's all included from the start!

Competitors require upgrades and increased fees for more functionality.

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We work hard to support our clients' goals and create the best
possible web environments for K-12 schools and school districts.

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